Preserve Your Analog Video.

Protect your aging, irreplaceable video content from deterioration. Let us transfer it to digital files or DVDs to preserve it for posterity.

Transfer Quality
You Can See.

Over the years, we've transferred thousands of older format videotapes to digital media for government
agencies and religious organizations enabling them to disseminate their footage quickly and effectively to their constituents and the media.

Our process includes:

  • Inspection & repair of damaged videotape
  • Automated unpacking and dual-sided cloth tape cleaning
    minimizing oxide loss
  • Transfer of video via broadcast-quality time base correctors using Y/C, Y-688, or component signals ensuring the highest resolution picture transfer

Analog Formats
VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8, 3/4", Betacam, BetacamSP

Digital Formats
DVD, Mini-DV, CD-ROM, AVI, MPEG, H.264

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